After the tremendous success of Temple Run, Temple Run 2 was received with much anticipation and optimism that it could match up the success of its predecessor. I personally was eager to see whether this second game was going to match up the hype and expectations around it. Its predecessor having have garnered more than 100 million downloads worldwide, Temple Run 2 simply had to be better to beat that mark.
Temple Run 2 is simply a better improved version of its predecessor. The game has far much better graphics and more defined paths for the characters to run through. Just like its predecessor, it’s absolutely free and the gameplay is the same old one. There are however new characters and the theme is not in the old Ancient Temple anymore. Temple Run 2 has a floating Lost City in the Sky setting and adds more vibrancy to the colour and detail of the surrounding environment.
The game has new additions to its original gameplay. New zip lines and rail track add to the many paths and turns available in the original game. The game further includes new unique scenic features like waterfalls and clouds which make it feel more natural and realistic. It breaks the monotony of the flat running paths in the original game. The new paths have dips and rises which the player feels as he runs on them. The corners are also better as they are rounder than the original right angled sharp bends that were in Temple Run.
How to play Temple Run 2
The gameplay pretty much remains the same as that of its predecessor. You swipe left and right to move left and right respectively and up and down to jump and slide on your back just like Temple Run. Tilt your phone back and forth to move sideways too. The only additional controls that you need to familiarize yourself with, are the new introductions of the Zip line and Rail Track. To jump onto the zip line simply swipe up and the character will jump and clutch at the zip line. Tilt your phone to the side to collect the gems and coins on either side of the zip line as well. On the rail track, lean to the side by tilting your phone in order for the mine cart to remain intact on the single track. Swipe down to avoid the barriers that will otherwise bash your head on the track.
The game comes with four characters that you can unlock. Each has special abilities and a price’ at which you can unlock him/her. You originally will start the game with Guy Dangerous and will have to collect sufficient coins to unlock the others available.
There are also new and improved obstacles in Temple Run 2. The rolling blades and Hanging planks in the cave are some of the new thrilling obstacles introduced. There are also more gems and coins on the way that you should aim to gather. There are new gems that were not in the original game that have been introduced to this sequel. A green diamond that hovers on your way as you run is one such new introduction. This is called the save me’ and will help you to continue running even after you falter and die. The other power ups and add-ons like the shield and magnet are still available for use. You should aim as much as possible to collect these power ups as they will improve your score.
Unlike the original game, this one has a new option to buy characters, gems and even coins. I personally don’t like this new feature because it kills the old competitive nature of Temple Run. It gives people with the cash to spend an edge in getting better scores. You can buy coins and unlock your favorite character by buying him/her at a small price. Well, I must admit this is a way for the developers to reap the fruits of developing a good game.
Pros and cons
The one thing that I didn’t like about this game is the lags and hangs that come when you receive a notification like a text message. The developers claim it’s the price we have to pay for the game’s improved graphics. The other thing that I thought killed the competitive nature of the original game is the option to buy coins and characters rather than work hard to earn them.
Generally, this sequel is one of the best games I have ever played on my phone. The improved visuals and innovative new paths and obstacles make it exciting. It’s easy to play and above all free to download for IOS, Android and Windows devices. A rating of 4.6 suits this masterpiece.

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