Get ready people. If sliding to unlock your phone is your favourite aspect of having a mobile then boy do we have the game for you. Open the app and instantly you will be greeted with the pleasing sounds of defectively plunked guitar and bass. The title shines out at the top of the screen, its scratchy stone effects and mysterious lighting hints at a temple in a lost world that you have to slide across. This turns out not to be the case. The rest of the interface is a still-inspiring mish-mash blocks of grays and blacks and slider icons.
The gameplay is deliciously simple. Bars will pop up on the screen and you will have to slide your finger across in the given direction in order to make it disappear and earn points. Keep doing so until the screen fills up with bars at which point the game will be over.. This game is linked with Gamecenter so you can compete with your mates if you wish. Send all of your scores to facebook and twitter.
There are several different modes. First is the much loved Classic mode. Then there is Twist – now you have to slide the bars left as well as right. Expect your brain to get twisted. And in Doubles mode two bars will appear at once. Will the insanity ever stop? As you pick up more points, use that to buy upgrades that will marginally improve your performance mid-game.
As I have just demonstrated to you this game is amazingly well made and is required playing for anyone who considers themselves smart. It will test your brain and warp your synapses with its tricky challenges of left and right or two at once. At all ready four million downloads it is destined to be the number one best selling smash of the millennium. Soon the world will be sliding together on their phones in synchrony. Don’t let your life slide away into dim nothingness unfulfilled and incomplete– pick up this game today! Until next time