Not many mobile phone games have been an internet sensation like Temple Run turned out to be. In trains to work, during the lunch breaks at work and all night, people played and still enjoy playing this amazing action game. The game is based on the chase scenes from the hit movie Indiana Jones and the thrilling adventures from the movie are vividly depicted in this amazing game.

Developed by Imangi Studios, this free game is available for download for Android, IOS, and Windows devices. The objective of this game is to control a human character on the screen to evade the many obstacles in the game while collecting gifts and coins on the way. The game has very beautiful and enchanting scenes and themes through which the character runs. The Ancient temple walls, cliffs and sharp turns, obstacles like tree roots and fire in the game promise to test your reflexes to the max.
How to play Temple Run
The objective of the game is very easy; run to evade the hungry monster monkeys trailing you while collecting the numerous gifts and coins on the way to achieve the best score possible. If you are not careful and stumble on a root then Oops! You are a meal. You fall off the cliff and you are dead. Forget dodging the low lying tree branches and you will bash your head and die. It, therefore, calls for a very steady hand, quick reflexes, and perfect timing to negotiate the sharp corners, dodge the obstacles while still collecting the gifts and coins on the way.
The controls for the game are very easy. You need no button to execute a jump. You only need to swipe your finger across the screen to move in the desired direction. Swipe up to jump up, swipe down to slide on your back and underpass obstacles, swipe left and right to turn left and right respectively. You can also tilt your phone back and forth to move within the lane and collect coins on either side of the track. Easy isn’t it?
It sounds easy on paper but it gets tougher as you advance. The complexity of the game grows as you advance to latter stages. The corners are sharper and come around more often. The obstacles are also more and harder to dodge.
Collect as many coins as you possibly can on the way. The coins are very valuable. They are used to buy new characters who run much faster or can be redeemed to get power-ups like invisibility, a magnet that will attract more coins to you, a shield that protects you from stumbling on the roots and coin multipliers. These individual power-ups are also located in random locations on the running track. Collect them when possible to increase your score and safety from the monkeys on your trail.
Constantly check for the objectives that you are supposed to complete and aim as much as possible to complete them. You will get a reward for getting to 10000 coins for example. These objectives will not only help unlock gift packs but will also help improve your score. We all love a high score, don’t we?
Pros and cons of the game
The game is very addictive, to say the least. The amazing detailed 3D graphics and ease of play of the game make it a hit to many. That constant fear you have of the monkeys eating’ you up, will keep your heart pounding as the obstacles you an adrenaline rush. The menu and interface of the game are also easy to understand and use. All these coupled with good music, results in a masterpiece that guarantees to keep you glued to your phone.
On the other hand, I found the game to have lags especially when you play it for quite some time. It’s not as smooth and keeps hanging. Your chances of negotiating a corner on time when it lags are very low. If these bugs could be fixed, then it would be awesome.
All in all, it’s an age-friendly and highly competitive game. You can post your scores for your friends to see and try to beat. Its simplicity makes it right for people of all ages. It’s no surprise to me therefore that It has millions of downloads worldwide. My own rating of this hit of a game is 4.5 stars. AMAZING GAME!

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