Endless running games have really grown in popularity and are literally springing up everywhere. One of the main reasons that people have lived to love these games has to be their simple gameplay. The aim is simple; defy death, dismemberment, and disaster on your way to sweet freedom’. The freedom which you will never enjoy because the running is endless. Test your reflexes and puzzle-solving skills as you flee dozens of death-trap riddled levels.

Subway surfers is one such amazing endless runner game that I found to be really amazing and extremely addictive. Having played and thoroughly enjoyed Temple Run, I was skeptical of ever finding a better runner game again. However, having played Subway Surfers, I must admit that it is a very good match for Temple Run. Although the game employs an old concept that has already been explored, it combines really impressive graphics and easy to use controls making it an absolute gem. The free game is available for download for Android devices, Windows and IOS devices.

How to play Subway Surfers

The ultimate goal of playing Subway Surfers is to help a young boy called Jake evade the police. The game is set in a colorful subway with tracks and trains on which Jake runs. Under your control, Jake runs along the subway tracks evading a series of life-threatening obstacles like light posts, oncoming trains, wooden barricades and tunnels while collecting gems and coins along the way. Sounds mainstream doesn’t it?

Well, the gameplay sounds very easy but it actually takes time to harness the right skills and accuracy to maneuver through the deadly vibrant subway without getting caught by the police or even succumbing to impact. The game has a pretty streamlined control scheme. It just employs the same concept that almost all the runner games use. Swipe left and right to switch between the three tracks to the left and right respectively. Swipe up to leap onto the trains and swipe down to tuck and roll to evade the obstacles. Double tapping the screen activates any power-ups that you have not used .It takes proper timing and mental awareness to execute these movements without faltering.

Power-ups and the collectibles that the characters encounter along the way add to the flair of the game. These coins and collectibles not only add to your overall score but help you unlock other characters in the game. The power-ups include coin magnets which draw coins to you as you run along, the jet-pack results in a mad-dash to grab the coins in a supersonic speed, the multiplier helps improve your score while the sneakers temporarily boost your speed.

Jake is only the starting character in the game and once you have earned enough coins you can unlock the other tens of awesome characters in the game. Remember each character has his/her own strongholds and therefore the most valuable ones require more coins to unlock. For those of us who have cash to spare, there is an alternative of purchasing the coins using real money in order to unlock the characters. The game also has a series of missions and daily challenges which the player is supposed to complete to unlock valuables and characters in the game.

The graphics and sounds in this game are subtle and just fit in perfectly with the subway setting. The straight forward gameplay and responsive controls make this a very addictive that suits all generations. Although the idea had already been explored by earlier games like Temple Run, Subway Surfers has managed to garner millions of downloads across all the download platforms.

A few shortcomings of the game, however, include multiple freezes when playing the game. I don’t particularly know whether it’s a problem with just my phone but the game kept closing itself and sometimes lagging when I played for a long period of time. I was also surprised when I spent 500 coins on a mystery box just to open and get 103 coins (hysterical laugh).

Except for the few setbacks, it’s a game I thoroughly enjoyed playing and love up to date. I personally give this game a solid 4.3-star rating. Had the idea been original, trust me that rating would have been far much better. Get the game already and get surfing through the subway.


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