Fallout Shelter Review

 So, there is this theory that one day our world will be invaded by aliens and only those with underground bunkers and vaults would survive. Whether it is actually is a thing that will happen or just a fiction meant to scare us is for you to judge and come up with a good conclusion. Based on this theory that there is an impending zombie apocalypse, one game developer decided to give us a game to help us prepare for the apocalypse.

Inspired by the Fallout Games, Fallout shelter is a free game developed by Bethesda where you will experience what life in an underground vault is like. It is, however, important to note early on that fallout shelter is a standalone application and has no affiliation to the fallout games thought the idea is pretty much drawn from the fallout series. The game developed for both android and ios devices is really interesting and considering the popularity of the idea, it’s not hard to see why it has garnered so many downloads across the platforms. In this fallout shelter review, we will take a quick look at the gameplay, controls and some of the few glitches and drawbacks of the game.

So in a nutshell, fallout shelter is a strategy game set in a post-nuclear underworld environment where you are in charge of a vault. You are supposed to transform the vault into a state of the art underground living premise by controlling the vault dwellers and coming up with structures and set up a defense mechanism to protect your underground community from attacks and different forms of sabotage. These range from fires, raiders, and other intruders. As your community grows, you will need to dig into the mountainside and create new room for the new vault dwellers. All these things are done by just swapping, clicking and selecting different options available.

The controls involved in the game are really easy and even the youngest of toddlers can wrap their minds around this game. The main playing area is a cross-sectional view of the mountain side where the underground bunks and vaults are built. The rooms and various sections of the area clearly visible and by swapping on your screen left and right. All you have to do is to drag the various vault dwellers into various rooms and assign them tasks. Each possesses different skills and abilities and it’s upon you to place them in their best-suited area of working. Each will be working to earn you resources and the long-term goal is to create an underworld empire with peaceful members and zero attacks. You need to get clean water, enough food and extend your empire further. The menus on each segment are really easy to navigate and making the selection wouldn’t be such a task. The easy controls are really a plus for this game.

The graphics are not very complex but they vividly depict the components of the game very well. Advancing through the game is really easy because the structures build themselves literally. All you have to do is give a dweller a command and the next minute the task will be accomplished. Although this is the case, the game offers in-game purchases to help those who need help while playing the game. These are mainly lunch boxes which come in different bundles. From a single lunchbox which costs a mere dollar to a 40 lunchbox bundle which goes for 20 dollars. It’s upon you to choose the best one for you.

It is a thoroughly enjoyable game especially for people who have an idea what the fallout games is all about. The game, however, has some few setbacks which I feel they should look into and improve. First is the complexity of the game. The game in truth is too simple. There is very little difference in the gameplay when one has 20 dwellers and when you amass 150 of them. If they could find a way to make the game a little bit harder, then it would be more challenging and better to play. The other drawback I realized the game had was the way the bluntness of the graphics. There is very little detail in the game and it really is very plain . If they can fix these problems together with a few other bugs, then fallout shelter would become a gem. My overall rating of this game is a solid 4 star because I think it is a very interesting game that needs just a little tweaking here and there to become an absolute masterclass.


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