Sequel games that revolve around a theme or a certain topic always keep us on our toes waiting to see what the next game in the series will be like. One such popular series that has become a favorite among many including me, is the Diner Dash Game series. Flo, our popular restaurateur has become a sweetheart among most of us and we almost can’t wait to help her get her restaurant building dream going. Cooking Dash 2016 is yet another new game in the sequel that promises to not only entertain you, but also test your time management and your culinary skills at large.

Cooking Dash 2016 is a free game developed by the legendary Glu Mobile Inc, that is available for free download for Android and IOS devices. In this latest game entry, Flo is working as a cook for a celebrity chef on a popular TV show. The aim in this game is simple; prepare food and serve multiple people at various restaurants. Command the speed at which the kitchen operates as you grill, chop and serve your way up to greatness in the game. The game combines subtle graphics with a practical gameplay to produce a masterpiece that will have you glued to your phone.

How to play Cooking Dash 2016

As earlier stated, the premise of the game is for you to prepare meals and refreshments for your restaurant customers while watching the clock. It is more of a time-management game that puts your culinary skills to test.

When you open the game, the main playing area is a restaurant with a counter top where you serve the incoming customers and a kitchen where you will be preparing the meals. The kitchen is equipped with a chopping block, griller and the ingredients to cook the foods the customers will order.

When a customer walks in and orders steak for example, you tap on the raw steak at the bottom of the screen and Flo will pick it up. Tap on the cooker at the top and Flo will briskly walk over and set the steak to cook. All this while, a green timer will be showing the patience levels of the waiting customer. Another timer rounds up to show when the cooked food is ready. If you delay to get it off the cooker on time, then the steak will burn completely and will have to be disposed in the bin. However if you serve the customer a well-cooked steak on time before he/she loses his/her cool, then bravo! You get awarded with points and a rating for your cooking.

As the game advances in levels, it increases in difficulty and you will need to be on your toes to be able to serve all the customers to satisfaction. As you advance, the customers start trickling in and making triple orders. From Broccoli to Steak, each will want to be served on time and well to satisfaction. This is where your multitasking skills and decision making will be put to test. You have to be quick and ensure that the food doesn’t burn and each customer is served on time. If a customer is served to satisfaction, you not only get a good rating but additional tips that will go a long way in helping you run the restaurants.

The points you garner in the game in each episode and level, are shown in form of stars at the top of the screen. Once you successfully serve a batch of customers you get a star rating and payment in form of coins. These coins that you earn will be used to upgrade the quality of your kitchen menu, the proficiency of your utensils and the overall décor of the restaurant. You can upgrade the seats in the restaurant, buy additional cookers, chopping blocks and the quality of foods in the kitchen. For players who are not quick and good enough to earn these coins, they have an option of making in app purchases where they use real money to upgrade the décor and proficiency of utensils in the kitchen.

Tips to play Cooking Dash 2016

Here are a few tips that will help you score highly in cooking dash;

  • Always serve the first customer to arrive. Don’t let the green bar run down because the longer you wait, the less money he/she will pay you at the end.
  • When you have multiple orders, always keep your hands full. Use the two hands to carry two items and execute two actions in one go.
  • Always upgrade the grills first. Upgrading the grill means more cooking efficiency and more time saved. Use your earned coins and gold bars to upgrade the grill and your work will get easier.

My final verdict of the game is that it is thoroughly enjoyable. Save for the few shortcomings like being forced to purchase coins sometimes, it is an entertaining and highly addictive game that I believe everyone will enjoy. My rating of this game is a solid 4.3 stars. Get the game today and get cooking already.

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