watch the video or if you want to read how to get an gameboy color on your ipad or iphone read below enjoy pokemon

The 1990s were arguably the best time to be a gamer. With the advancement in computer games came hand consoles like the Gameboy. Gameboy color, a successor of Gameboy had color screen but with no backlight. With hundreds of games to choose from, Gameboy color became a must-have gadget for most people .Stop feeling nostalgic because the good news is that you can now relive this great games straight from your iPhone or iPad. Normally, you have to jailbreak your device in order to play games which are not in the App Store.Did you actually know that you don’t have to necessarily jailbreak your phone to enjoy this amazing game straight from your phone? You can enjoy games like Air force Delta, Pokémon, Harry Potter, Batman, battleship, Pokemon and many other old school Nintendo classics straight from your phone!
There are various ways you can use to surpass the limitations on the games you download on your iOS device Today we will discuss how to use the Game Play Color emulator where you basically install the emulator on your iPhone or iPod and thereafter download ROMS in your device.
You must first ensure that you have a Google Drive and Zipapp on your device which can be downloaded from your iOS App store. Here are the steps required to download the emulator;
1. Open in Safari on your iPhone or iPad
2. Tap the share’ button
3. Choose Add to Home screen’ and name it whatever you like.(You will see that the Gameboy icon will appear on your home screen)
4. Tap on the icon to open it.( It will ask you to sign in with your Google Drive account).
5. Choose Accept’ which allows the app to have access to the ROMS which you will download later.
You can use an app, Document 5’ which makes downloading and uploading of the ROMS easier:
1. Open App Store on your device
2. Search Document 5’
3. Tap download and open it
Go to browse’ in the document 5 app. Type game boy ROMS’ and search. You can pick any of the many search results. I personally prefer because of its wide variety of cool games to choose from. Once you open the link, select the game version you want and tap download’. The file will be saved under the download folder of the documents folder. The file will be in zip format. Click on the file so as to decompress it. Drag the decompressed file to your Google account and then press upload’.
Open the Emulator from your home screen and choose the game that is now available and enjoy playing.