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Amazing Alex Review

Amazing Alex is an game made by the makers off Angry Birds. but this time your not smashing birds into wood or stone to destroy the pigs but its an simple very addictive puzzle game where you have to get an ball into an basket...

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sleep cycles app review

sleep cycle  is an app I first heard about many years ago now after always feeling tried after a good night sleep I did a bit off research and heard about rem sleep this when your body has a deep sleep and a light sleep. But to...

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chocorun Review

chocorun is a new platform game for the iPhone and iPad. It is a cheap clone of the more successful Super Meat Boy. It is made by indie-developer Alejandro Jimenez Vilarroya. Arriba! Arriba! Arriba! In this game you control what...

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Memory blocks iso Reviews

Memory blocks iso This is just like the old classic electronic version of the game everyone had as a child apart from now it has a few twists and is on our iso devices. This app has game play modes and and two versions and light...

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Pac man Review

Either you grow up playing pac-man or you just love good old classic games.  Pac-man is the game everyone  knows about  it’s finally on iso just like the classic games plus with some extra mazes you can play as well.  If you so...

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Spycal Review

Spy cal is like something out of a James bound movie just like a real secret agent would have simply a genius idea. You might be thinking to yourself right now but what is spycal, why should it be an iso device. Well if you want...

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Slide Game Review

Get ready people. If sliding to unlock your phone is your favourite aspect of having a mobile then boy do we have the game for you. Open the app and instantly you will be greeted with the pleasing sounds of defectively plunked...

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islash ios review

if you love simple games ones that are quick and easy to pick up and play then islash is one for you great simple game but fun at the same time when I first made this video I wanted to make a review as soon as I been playing it...

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