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Cooking Dash 2016

  Sequel games that revolve around a theme or a certain topic always keep us on our toes waiting to see what the next game in the series will be like. One such popular series that has become a favorite among many including...

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Fallout Shelter Review Ios Android

Fallout Shelter Review  So, there is this theory that one day our world will be invaded by aliens and only those with underground bunkers and vaults would survive. Whether it is actually is a thing that will happen or just a...

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Subway Surfers ios android Review

Endless running games have really grown in popularity and are literally springing up everywhere. One of the main reasons that people have lived to love these games has to be their simple gameplay. The aim is simple; defy death,...

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Pokemon go Review ios Android

Since its release in early July, Pokémon Go has earned a legion of fans and has surpassed the record Set by Candy Crush Saga of downloads. It has become an internet sensation and has become popular all around the world. It has...

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Illi App Review Android Review

Platform games were very popular in the 90s as everyone was discovering and learning how to play them. However, with the ever growing technology and emergence of more advanced graphics, platform games slowly started to disappear...

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Gordon Ramsay Dash Review ios android

Gordon Ramsay Dash Review Celebrity games give us the lifetime opportunity to interact’ or have a feel of what the life of a superstar feels like. From The Kardashians to Katy Perry, celebrity games are becoming a trend that is...

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Fruit Ninja Free ios android review

This has to be one of the most addictive and juiciest’ games I have ever played online. I say juicy because this free game involves slicing through fresh and juicy looking fruits using your finger. As the name suggests, you the...

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Fast like an Fox Review ios Android

Platform games don’t necessarily cause that much of a buzz in the gaming industry because of their simple gameplay and not so appealing graphics. Fast like a fox however, has succeeded in breaking the jinx associated with...

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