If you had Crossy Road the game on your phone, tablet, or iPad and liked it, then you need to check out Disney Crossy Roads as well. I personally was addicted to Crossy Roads and when I heard that a better version of the game had surfaced online from the original developers of Crossy Roads, it took me seconds to literally download it on my iPhone. Although its gameplay and graphics are almost similar to those in Crossy road, take nothing away from this super amazing arcade game. The idea of this 8-bit model game is to use the famous Disney and Pixar characters to advance to latter stages of the game while collecting free gifts and unlocking other characters on the way while earning points. It is available for free download in the Apple Store, Android Google Playstore, and Windows Microsoft Store.

How to play Disney Cross Roads
Disney Cross Roads just like its predecessor is so simple and straight forward to play. Hipster Whale clearly understands that complex graphics and difficult game-plays are not the secrets to making a good addictive game. Disney Crossy Roads is a nice game with simple controls and the objective is to control the Disney Characters to cross the Streets, rivers and across the many terrains in the game while evading obstacles which would otherwise squash and kill your character.
Tap on the screen to get your character moving forward and then control his movement and direction by swiping Left, Right, and Down to evade oncoming traffic, other animals and rolling objects coming your way.
You score points as go forward and advance in the game. The longer you stay alive , the more points you earn. The clever twist that was added to the Original Crossy Roads that makes this game captivating is the unlocking of the various characters from Disney movies as you advance. Initially, you begin with Mickey the Mouse and as you play on, you will be unlocking many other characters in the game if you advance. Most of my favorite Disney Characters are included in this game and it gives me nostalgia of my childhood days when I open this game. There are over 100 characters and special themes that you can unlock and play with. Some of the characters include; Mufasa from the Lion King, Mickey Mouse, wreck-it Ralph and Buzz Light year just to mention a few. The themes from movies like the Toy Story and Zoootopia are vividly depicted in this game.
Tricks, add-ons and tips to play Disney Crossy Roads
Let’s face it, tapping to move gameplay can be tricky at first. It takes the right timing and assertiveness to make the perfect move forward and avoid getting squashed or trampled by the other animals in the game. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you play Disney Crossy Roads effectively and get highest scores possible while unlocking the Disney characters;
· Tap behind the character- though most people find it difficult to play while tapping behind their character, it is the most effective way to play. Tapping in front of the character will obscure your view and you won’t see oncoming traffic and rolling barrels.
· Play the game in landscape mode- I found the game pretty much crowded when I played it on my iPhone because of the small screen size. I discovered later on that when I changed my rotation to landscape mode, there was a larger view of the map and I could see all the details of the game well enough.
· Coins- collect coins on the way as you play the game. Earn the coins by also collecting free gifts and clicking on the ads though the ads can be annoying at times. The accumulated coins can’t be used to unlock new characters but having tons of them makes you look rich’ from the game’s perspective. Who doesn’t enjoy seeing lots of coins in their awards cart?
Pros and cons of Disney Cross roads
The simplicity and the idea behind the game are honestly brilliant making it an ideal game for people in all ages. The inclusion of the Disney characters makes the game look like a continuation of the movies and gives you an emotional attachment to the characters. I must confess it was pretty sad for me when I first lost Mufasa to the stampede.
On the other hand, the game has many ads and has no premium version that you can buy and get rid of the ads. The game also requires quite a large System Requirements to play. Phones with low RAM will have frequent lags when playing it. From my personal view, though, a 4.3 rating shows how much I liked the game.

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