we founded this website because we love technology and how to guides, along with top 10 items. This website

was first started as only a mobile phone at reviews website after starting the site we seen that people wanted more than that. So we decided to start a mixed type technology blog with how to guides, along with top 10 items. We also love gaming. Every so often. We also do live streams on Twitch and YouTube.

This website is mostly updated and maintained by the owner of itechmonster.com. Although sometimes other staff of itechmonster LTD does sometimes make articles and add articles to this website.


not only are we going to talk about technology related topics and how-to guides on this website. We also plan to use it as sort of a mini blog or anything else that we may find interesting

we also plan to offer a few online courses and other material on this website. All of this material will be maintained and updated by Itechmonster LTD


You can also find us on our social media pages links down below. We also pretty active at YouTube. This will probably be the best place to follow us along with other social media pages that YouTube is our most active social media channel

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